CDO benefits from the skills volunteers bring to the organization.  They play an important role as teachers – English and French – but also in many other areas, from IT, healthcare, sports and fitness to building, administration, gardening and marketing.  Whatever your particular area of expertise is, our organization will benefit from it.  Everyone at CDO helps each other, so just simply assisting with database maintenance and email inputs will be a great help.  Playing games and teaching life skills to the children will, of course, be part and parcel of your stay at CDO.  Teaching English is central to educating CDO children, but volunteers may choose to teach math and basic science subjects.   And the children, ranging in age from five to 18, will be keen to listen and learn.

But please remember, the purpose of volunteering is to provide others access the basic tenets of life and improve themselves. With your held, that can be achieved.

Process of volunteering

Email info.cdocambodia@gmail.com  with your request to volunteer at CDO.

  • We will reply with Volunteer Agreement and Background Check registration forms which must be completed, scanned and returned before we confirm acceptance.  NOTE:  Affix a photo to the Background Check, before scanning, and circle your ‘area of expertise’.
  • Once this has been completed, we will confirm your acceptance for volunteering at the time you have nominated.  If the dates you have forwarded clash with Khmer holidays or the visit of other volunteers, we may ask you to reconsider your arrival and departure dates.
  •  We require volunteers to commit for a minimum of three weeks (15 days, Mon-Fri) or more, but preference will be given to longer term volunteers.
  • We do not provide accommodation or food, but can recommend hotels, guesthouses and cafes to suit your budget.


CDO  is striving to become sustainable, but (at this stage)  is almost entirely dependent on donations to provide food, housing and education for the children under its care. In line with similar, reputable organizations in Cambodia we require all volunteers to contribute $US85.00 to sponsor one of CDO’s  projects (see SPONSOR US) of their choice.  This can be transferred before arriving at CDO or by paying cash upon arrival.  Volunteers will also be expected to buy two Volunteer T-shirts (total cost $US15) to be worn at ALL TIMES when volunteering at CDO.  Receipts will be provided.

Children & Development Organization,
Swift Code ACLBKHPP,
Account 0100-20 -940585-1-5

Rules for volunteers

  • You are forbidden to smoke or drink alcohol at CDO.
  • Read and strictly follow CDO’s Child Protection Policy (available in the office).
  • Male and female volunteers  are required to wear knee-length pants and have their shoulders covered (by a Volunteer t-shirt).
  • Seek permission of Mom or the Volunteer Coordinator before taking any photographs of the children.
  • Don’t go into the sleeping or toilet/shower area with the children.
  • Take direction from the Director, Mom, and the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Children cannot be taken off the premises unless permission is given by the Director.

Apart from that, all you need is a love of children and a desire to help in any way possible.

Fill out the forms:

background volunteer

vol agreement2

NOTE: Click above for access to forms. You may have to enable in Word.

‘Make some friends you will never forget – become part of the CDO Family’