CDO relies on the skills of volunteers like you. Teaching English is central to educating CDO children, and volunteers may also choose to teach math, science, art, music, and sport.
In line with similar, reputable organizations in Cambodia we require all volunteers to make a donation of $85 USD. This can be transferred before arriving at CDO or by paying cash upon arrival.  Volunteers must buy a CDO T-shirt for $15 USD to be worn at ALL TIMES.

To volunteer with CDO:

  1. Fill out volunteer application and background check. 
  2. Submit completed applications.
  3. Acceptance will be confirmed via email
  4. Pay $85 USD donation via paypal or upon arrival

Volunteer Requirements

  • Read and follow Child Protection Policy
  • Drugs, alcohol, and smoking on the premises is prohibited
  • Volunteers must wear knee length pants and cover their shoulders in accordance with Cambodian culture
  • Permission is required to take photos of the children
  • Living quarters (restroom and sleeping areas) are off limits to volunteers
  • Children cannot be taken off site