By appointment only

Visitor Monica Ahlberg, from Sweden, with Sophorn, who has been generously sponsored by Lisa Duris.

You will be warmly welcomed to CDO Family.  But you must contact us first.  This applies to individuals, tuk tuk and hotel drivers.

We require a minimum donation of $4/person or $2/person for groups of 10 or more.  While CDO provides children with basic healthcare, food, education and life skills, you can give them a better future by sponsoring one of CDO’s many projects.

Please contact us by emailing:

NOTE: This applies to tuk tuk drivers and hotel drivers bringing tour groups.

All visitors must register by filling out the appropriate forms at the office on arrival or download the application beforehand:

visitor agreement

NOTE: Click above for access to forms. You may have to enable in Word.

If you are here for only a few days, please phone:
+855 (0) 12 622 548
+855 (0) 66 622 548
+855 (0) 96 762 2548

If you wish to donate, items, other than cash, please ask first what we need. CDO is a registered NGO and charity in Cambodia.

Dress code, photography and child protection policies should be observed.