Leap Chass is a remote rural village located 45km from Siem Reap. Nearly 100 families live in the village in underdeveloped conditions with limited access to nutrition, education and the resources to take care of their families.

CDO Family director, Savoun Morn works to develop the village and provide access to clean drinking water, food, and she brings volunteers from all over the world to assist with infrastructure projects. Former projects include a school house where 60+ children have access to half-day educational instruction, a bridge that serves as the only access to the city and work opportunities, and clean water drinking wells.

Leap Chass welcomes all volunteers for our nutrition assistance programs, building projects, or cultural exchange.

Go to Volunteer to see more information about how you can get involved.  

The children at CDO Family school in Siem Reap come from Leap Chass Village. The education and programs provided by CDO Family in Siem Reap is the only pathway out of poverty for the village children, who otherwise work in paddy fields after they finish grade seven.

Life at the Village

Volunteers at Leap Chass Village

CDO Family Nutrition Assistance

Rice Delivery

Leap Chass Village Projects

The village school educates students part-time through grade seven. Upon graduation, students begin working in the fields or have an opportunity to go to CDO Family in Siem Reap for further education.

Due to funding limitations, there are limited spots available at CDO Family, Siem Reap.

School Building

School Furniture

Bridge Before Construction

Bridge Construction Project