Sustainable gardening

The ongoing garden project is designed to bolster the variety of food available for the children at CDO. So far, morning glory, pumpkin, watermelon, lettuce, cucumber, long beans, cabbage and aubergine have been planted, while mango trees are being replanted for sale.

Help Save The Bridge

We are officially launching our Save Leap Chass Bridge campaign. Expected heavy monsoon rains could effectively cut-off the village – where most of the CDO children come from. Without the lifeline to Siem Reap, access to medical treatment and life’s necessities will make life very difficult. CDO needs to raise another $US2,500 to complete the work.  Please donate.  Go to SPONSOR US at


Children offer thanks

Smara displays the letter he wrote to Carynn Loo, from Singapore, who sponsors him on a monthly basis.
Mom and Sophy help Smara and Sophorn to write letters to their sponsors.
Lisa Jouris has been a long-time sponsor of seven-year-old Sophorn.

Sponsorship is hard to get, easy to pigeon-hole as something to which ,only a certain section of the community subscribe or just too hard. But $75 a month can open a whole new world for children who have few opportunities, sponsorship is a life-changer. At CDO, full accounts of how money is spent are sent to sponsorship donors every six months – on June 30 and December 31, accompanied by a letter and photo from the sponsored child, which they write (with a little help, depending on their age).

Inaugural meeting

Yenny Hubault, Peter Brady, Savoun Morn, Tina and Lorenzo Della Croce, in Siem Reap, listen to other members of the AB via Zoom.

The CDO Advisory Board held its first official meeting on May 7, with members from Siem Reap, Porto, in Portugal, the United States and London, taking part in discussions via Zoom.  Chair Coree Carver reported that a proposal to a French school of architecture would soon be completed for a selection process that, if CDO were successful, could lead to completion of the school project at the new land early next year.  We remain hopeful.


CDO would like  to thank international company QUADIENT for its generosity – donating $US5,000, 10 bags of rice and an array of other valuable items during their conference dinner at Sofitel in late March.  This came at a critical time when operating funds were low.  We would also like to acknowledge the contribution of Orianne and Stephanie, from Refeel Events, who made it all possible. And special thanks to Orianne’s daughter, who bundled up some of her clothes to give to CDO children.







First AB meeting

Following the appointment of members on April 2, 2018, members are now preparing for their inaugural Regular Meeting of the Children & Development Organization (CDO) Advisory Board will be held Monday, May 7, 08:30 GMT (in accordance with the schedule agreed at the inaugural Annual General Meeting (AGM). The purpose of the regular meeting is to transact the agenda, which will be circulated in due course (at least 7 days prior to the meeting).  The Regular Meeting will be hosted via Zoom Web conferencing, with members attending at the location of their choosing. Minutes of the inaugural Advisory Board AGM ( April 2) have bee supplied to members.

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