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Will you partner with us to take CDO help us achieve financial sustainability? With the solid support of you and other donors we can create momentum to truly make a long-term difference in the lives of not only the children but in the community.  

CDO is at a pivotal point in time and is in need of your support.  In its first ever fundraising campaign the new Advisory Board and the Director are working to create a financially sustainable organization.

In order to create financial sustainability, we are seeking to establish consistent monthly donations. Consistent monthly donations would ease the stress of financial worry and allow the focus on helping children thrive. Monthly recurring donations will ensure that CDO’s work will continue at Leap Chass village and at the Siem Reap location. 

 CDO is the only pathway out of poverty for the children of Leap Chass village. Donor support enables 60 children to go to school in the village, plus helps an additional 22 children who reside at CDO attend school. The children living at CDO are provided 3 meals a day, shelter, schooling, supplemental education, and access to extra-curricular programs. 

You can be ensured your gift will go directly to helping the students.  Donations are monitored monthly by the Advisory Board. If you would like to review CDO’s financials or Annual Report please contact us.  

Will you help us as we pursue this new goal? We are asking you, as a supporter of CDO, to commit to a monthly donation at one of the following levels:

  • A $30 monthly donation provides 3 meals a day for one child
  • A $50 monthly donation provides food and shelter for one child 
  • A $75 monthly donation provides food, shelter, and access to education for one child