Advisory Board

Governance and financial management  are of upmost importance at CDO Family.  The Advisory Board, comprised of foreign business professionals who carefully review expenses and ensure all donations are carefully managed following best NGO business practices, was appointed on April 2, 2018.  The AB works in liaison with and the approval of the Director of CDO, who is responsible for the welfare of the children, management of  staff, and daily running of CDO Siem Reap and CDO Community at Leap Chass.


Savoun ‘Mom’ Morn (Director), Siem Reap.




The board is:

Coree Carver (Chair), Taiwan




Tracy Carrothers (Development Chair), Taiwan.




Karl Ahlberg (Treasury & Finance Committee Chair), London.


Peter Brady (Volunteer Coordinator), Siem Reap.







Lorenzo Della Croce (Board Volunteer), Siem Reap.


Marta Horta Belo (Board Volunteer), Porto.



Leonor Feijo (Board Volunteer), Porto.


Yenny Hubault (Board Volunteer), Siem Reap.




See Advisory Board  by-laws below:


CDO could not function without its two loyal staff members:







Nearng, our lovely cook.







Sina, CDO accounts assistant and cleaner.