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NGO in the Kingdom of Cambodia – Number 131

Children & Development Organization (CDO Family), a registered non-governmental organization (NGO), was founded in 2010, by Savoun ‘Mom’ Morn in order to break the cycle of poverty at Leap Chass village.  

CDO Family operates in Siem Reap serving 20 plus children, and also has a satellite school for 60 plus children in Leap Chass village.  

CDO gives children from the village a pathway out of poverty by providing food, shelter, and education. CDO is the only assistance available to these kids who would otherwise face malnutrition, child labor, and frequent abuse.



Savoun Morn, lovingly referred to as “Mom”, started CDO family with nothing but passion, grit and a genuine love for humankind. Savoun strongly believes that with determination, we can raise a generation that will lift Cambodia (one of the poorest countries in the world) out of the clutches of poverty by caring for and educating the children who are the future of the nation.

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